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Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations usually come out of the blue. Is your business prepared for a situation where a serious incident or fraud is being investigated? The decisions made in the aftermath of a serious incident and the management of these are always important, not only for the immediate issues surrounding the risk of your business but also in terms of the investigation as a whole. It is essential to be prepared for the possibility of an investigation. Having a policy in place to deal with situations could also save reputational damage.

Our corporate investigators have several years of combined experience in civil and criminal investigations throughout the UK and overseas, having performed various proactive and reactive investigative management roles in serious crime units and within the commercial sector. We work with both UK and International organisations to ensure transparent and robust outcomes along with continuity and integrity of all evidence and investigations.

With highly skilled individuals using appropriate methods we gather intelligence, data and information to meet organisational needs and evaluate progress while assuring smooth and efficient outcomes. Our investigators conduct reviews of all serious and high-profile cases, review processes and quantified risk factors associated with them.

We have excellent legislative and procedural understanding of investigations involving serious, high and low profile allegations and assist businesses by approaching situations decisively and confidently, fully researching the needs of the organisation and the most efficient way of solving the problem.

Swift Investigation Management work with clients’ internal teams to investigate whether or not a serious issue exists, designing and implementing agreed investigative strategies to obtain evidence and assist in any prosectuions.

Our services include but are not limited to the following;


• Criminal investigations
• Corporate & Internal Investigations
• Cyber Investigations
• Fraud Investigations
• Subject & Targeting Profiling


• Digital & Mobile Phone Forensics
• Toxicology, Fingerprints, Graphology (handwriting analysis)
• Photographic & Video Forensics
• Archaeological Forensics
• Expert Witnesses & Subject Matter Experts


• Background Reports, Deep Dive Research
• Criminal Conviction Searches
• Pre-Litigation Reports
• Bankruptcy / CCJ Searches (Current & Historic)
• Asset Tracing, People Tracing
• Beneficial Ownership Searches
• Negative Reports


• Security Screening [BS7858]
• Counter-Fraud Screening
• Anti-Money Laundering – AML Screening
• Counter-Terror Financing – CFT Screening
• PEP, SIP & RCA Searches
• M&A Due Diligence Reports


• Operational intelligence,
• Monitoring & Surveillance
• Tactical & Strategic Analysis
• Bug Sweeping [TSCM]
• Counter-Surveillance
• Hostile Reconnaissance Detection


• Security Auditing
• Family Office Support Services & HNWI Clients
• Protective Security
• Identity Validation
• Reputational Analysis & Risk Management
• Specialist Training / L&D