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CPD Accreditation

At Swift Edification, our courses are designed to maximise a business’ understanding of a topic, provide knowledge on how to identify issues, and how to incorporate the adequate procedures into their business. We define the training requirements of each business and subsequently design a course bespoke to the needs of our clients ensuring the training we deliver is relevant to the business’ objectives. Our training is highly interactive, maximising delegate participation and group work. 

The courses once designed are submitted for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation. Accredited CPD courses are recognised internationally. CPD is a valuable attribute on any CV as it showcases various achievements, including those specific to your current or future sector of work. CPD shows your dedication to your work and your extended industry-specific knowledge and experience in your field.

What is CPD Accreditation?

CPD is recognised as highly valuable as it involves primarily skill-based learning. Education and training are an essential part of any career. The knowledge and experience staff will gain from a CPD activity will provide you with a plethora of credible skills applicable to your career.

Accredited CPD content has been evaluated for relevance and quality, meaning participants can be assured that the benefits provided by a course or activity will be applicable to their individual work. The learning value of such courses is high, and the courses are guaranteed to be a credible knowledge source. Certificates from CPD accredited courses are credible to employers and businesses as they have been assessed to ensure high quality and integrity.

Although in the past employers may have been hesitant to accept online courses, the increasingly prevalent value added to employees through these such courses has greatly increased their appeal.

Accredited CPD courses are legitimately recognised as fully certified achievements. Accreditation provides a stamp of approval, assuring prospective students of CPD courses that the courses are genuine and valuable. Swift Edification create and carefully check training content, course materials and trainers to ensure a high-quality training product is delivered.

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