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Level 3 Award In Education & Training

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training qualification enables you to take your first steps into teaching within the adult sector. It was previously known as PTLLS, from the Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector suite of qualifications. Now, under the TAQA suite and is called the Award in Education and Training.

The AET course qualifies you to teach within the Further Adult Education sector, in your area of occupational competence. It is suitable for anyone currently teaching or wishing to teach within the adult learning sector, and for those training in industry, business, or the public services.

It is the first step towards professional recognition in becoming a teacher, tutor or trainer in the sector.

Unit 1 – Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training This unit is entirely knowledge-based. You will learn the roles and responsibilities of a teacher in Further Education, completely online via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Alongside our variety of learning resources available on our VLE, and tutor support.

Unit 4 – Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training
This unit requires you to deliver a micro-teach session and evaluate your own practice. You will gain a better understanding in how to plan, deliver and evaluate inclusive teaching and learning. For part of this unit you will either attend a practical assessment face-to-face or this can be completed within 5 days Online with one of our assessors.

Unit 5 – Understanding Assessment in Education and Training
Finally, during Unit 5, you will gain a better understanding of assessment and how it is used in Education and Training. Furthermore, you will also learn how to involve students in assessment and what the requirements are for record keeping. Based on a couple of hours of study a week, this course should take you around 3-4 months.

Course Information for Learners

1. The basis of the AET course The Award in Education and Training (AET) is made up of 3 units. The first unit is about the roles and responsibilities of an adult education tutor and is completed online on our VLE. For Unit 4, you will be required to deliver a micro-teach lesson. This is a short 15 minute lesson, delivered face-to-face amongst a small group of peers who are also completing the AET course.

You will also be required to watch the other learners deliver their micro-teach on this face-to-face study day. You will then have an assignment to complete after your session, back on the VLE. Your final unit, unit 5, is about how assessment is used in education and training and is, again, on the VLE.

2. Support You will be supported by our trainers and assessors. Each course will be assigned a trainer/assessor to guide you through the course.
Trainers and assessors will be available via our online system and will aim to answer your questions within 48 hours. Our assessors and trainer are available for help and advice between 9 am and 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

3. Length of course
It will normally take about 4 – 6 months to complete the AET course. This is based upon you undertaking 2-3 hours of studying per week. You are able you can complete the course quicker if you have the availability to put more hours in.

4. How am I assessed?
You will be assessed by our team of dedicated assessors and trainers.
You will have access to our Virtual Learning Environment where you will be to complete your assignments. Once you have completed your assignments your assessor will assess your work and provide feedback on your submission.