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Mediation Services

Swift Investigation Management can resolve workplace disputes of any nature early preventing the need for the expense, time and hassle of Court or an Employment Tribunal, as well as save wasted staff hours and resources of external departments such as HR, management, legal and unions.

We resolve disputes of bullying, harassment and victimisation between work colleagues. If a workplace or employment dispute is left unresolved it can have an adverse effect the longer it goes on leading to

• Further Bullying and Harassment
• Reduced Productivity
• Low Staff morale
• Long Term Staff Sickness
• Grievance and Disciplinary Processes

Our mediation services can prevent and stop all of the above from occurring. An expedited, flexible and voluntary process, we remove any barriers that have led to people becoming involved in a dispute to be broken down quickly without the need to use more formal or legal procedures and the hassle of instigating or defending an Employment Tribunal claim.

Despite the nature of your workplace dispute we have the expertise and experience to help you resolve it and save money, time and stress. Disputes will crop up at every place of work at one time or another and how you deal with it as an employer will determine how successful and long lasting any resolution will be. Mediation supports individuals to reach their own agreement without having any decision imposed on them which, experience proves, makes for a more durable and effective resolution.

We can supply a trained mediator who can assist with workplace disputes between two or more parties at any level. Early recognition of conflicts and using mediation as an intervention can mean the prevention of using more time consuming formal processes such as grievances and disciplinaries. This will usually result in a more positive outcome for all parties involved, including the employer. We maintain that for every problem there is a solution.