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Swift Investigation Management provide bespoke investigation management workshops to individuals and organisations who have an investigative function which relies upon methods of gathering intelligence or evidence that may lead to court prosecutions, disciplinary proceedings or tribunal hearings.

Our learning and development team have extensive experience and have delivered a diverse range of training courses and seminars to both investigators and senior investigators in the police service and civilian investigators within local authorities, Home Office, MoD and international Heads of Police and Security Services.

Our workshop will benefit both managers and HR professionals alike who may be tasked with the management of serious and/or complex investigations in the workplace which include;

• Disciplinary investigations
• Investigations into allegations of harassment / bullying
• Grievance investigations
• Whistleblowing investigations.

We provide professionals with the necessary skills to deal with strategic issues and policy, to make better critical decisions, to ensure that all aspects of their enquires are dealt with in an ethical and legal manner and understand the need and use of policy and effectively deal with any incident in the workplace. The result is an investigation which will satisfy any court standard.

Our robust training and development programs ensure that employees have a consistent experience and background knowledge in managing investigations. We provide the opportunity to examine current legislation impacting upon investigations and develop understanding of the investigative function through the various activities, including preparation of reports and the presentation of evidence.

Our workshops focus on achieving the following outcomes;

• Critical thinking and strategic planning of investigations.
• Effectively and efficiently manage investigations
• Investigative interviewing skills
• Understand and implement intelligence gathering strategies.
• Demonstrate briefing and de-briefing skills.
• Understand the need for concise and accurate report writing standards.

At Swift Investigation Management we provide an insight into conducting effective investigations with the relevant knowledge and experience which will not only support organisations through complex and serious incidents but protect the company’s integrity and reduce the risk of reputational harm.

For further information on workshops please submit an enquiry form which can be found on our contact page or alternatively call us.