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Meet The Team

We want to improve access and provide opportunities of lifelong learning measures for all people, helping raise performance and the skill set of all staff. Our learning and development team strive to shine light on the values that will bring success to your organisation. Our trainers possess significant knowledge and experience with extensive investigation, police, law enforcement and military backgrounds attained over several years.

We have delivered a diverse range of training courses and seminars to organisations both in the UK and International Law Enforcement agencies across the world. Our robust training and development programs ensure that employees have a consistent experience and background knowledge in managing all levels of concerns that may arise. We continue to develop bespoke training packages to add to our library of impressively designed material, including accredited qualifications for those that want to embark on a career as a training and development professional.

It is our vision to provide education and knowledge that transforms your business with the necessary skills to deal with strategic issues and policy, to make better critical decisions. 

We have an execptional pool of trainers who utilise scenario based exercises, traditional classroom based learning, and where appropriate, role play. We also offer organisations and individuals the opportunity to complete these courses via our online portals. By using a flexible approach to learning, we incorporate both in-person and virtual learning to create a bespoke training experience for all delegates.

Our Team

Sukie Madahar

Director / Centre Manager

Steven Coules

Deputy Centre Manager

David Hitchen

Head Of Learning & Development

Gary Sommerford

Senior L&D Associate Trainer

Mel Madahar

Director – Schools & Education Welfare Services

Naomi Dow

Global Operations Consultant